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[Now that we've begun bumping into postpublication praise, we should have that discussion on advance praise I promised.]


I suppose it's true I know a lot of people. But I don't know a lot of Pulitzer Prize-winning novelists anxious to blurb my first novel. Which is all for the better, because I suspect most of those blurbs are thrown out without, shall we say, much close reading.

Both the folks providing the backcover-printed advance praise for Byuck originally approached me and asked if they could read my book. Since that time I've gone on to work extensively with one of them and to be in continuous periodic contact with the other.

I might not exist to many people without the assistance of Moriah Jovan, without whom it's hard to say how much of my last-five-years career would even exist. I owe her immensely and now I owe her even more. But she first read Byuck before she knew me for the parasite I would become.

Laura Craner on the other hand is a coblogger over at A Motley Vision and her promotion of Byuck when she barely knew my name is a big part of the reason it's in print today.

So, without further ado:

With humor and affection, Theric Jepson creates a story that gleans the best from both the romantic comedy tradition and the literary LDS tradition. Snappy dialogue and quirky characters make Byuck an enjoyable read for book clubs and Mormon literature enthusiasts.
Laura Craner
If you ever wanted to know what would have happened if Godot had shown up, read Byuck, wherein coffee tables are transgressive and Billy Joel claims to be innocent. I LOL'd. For real. Not like you do online where you just kind of huff with a mouth twitch. No, I totally LOL'd. Woke up the cat.
Moriah Jovan

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