Chief Keef


Thanks to Chief Keef, I've been listening to kids singing this every day for months now (don't roll over if you don't want to see lyrics both vulgar and stupid):
I gets lotsa commas
I can fuck yo mama
I ain't with the drama
You can meet my llama
I've flirted many times with writing about the horrifyingly obscene things I hear kids reciting in class (in class!) but this relatively (relatively!) benign one is what's stuck around the longest. Plus, it's spawned a bunch of YouTube parodies that are, for a generous definition of hilarious, hilarious.

Anyway, poor Chief Keef is headed to juvenile hall. He's on probation for pointing a gun at a police officer and part of his probation means no using guns. Which he did. On camera. For Pitchfork.


Anyway, part of the prosecution's evidence was Keef's music, which is, you know, violent and gross.

Keef's response?
. . . the person people are trying to make me out to be is not who I am.
I think "people" in this sentence is Chief Keef.


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