Three animated gifs for three games of skill and knowledge


1. Can you recognize which story in this contest is mine (click to read)?

2. What was this an advertisement for?

3. Sam would never say that. What is he really saying?


  1. What are we having for dinner? "Po-tay-toes." An oft used phrase in our home.

    And I'm hoping Starcraft 2 is an oft used game in our home, too.

  2. 1) too many too read through
    2)dunno.... fireworks?
    3) Mo Naked Hos seems perfectly appropriate, why would he be saying anything else?

  3. 1) Ditto Cricket.

    2) A documentary for ice baby births? (Since I'm no gamer, I don't even know what Becca's talking about. Starcraft what?)

    3) Ditto Becca, but "Mo Naked Hoes" is much funnier, especially coming from Samwise.

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