Thmazing's Preseason Oscar Game Results


It was close this year but, well, I won. I had 11.5 with Satsuki right behind with 10. You can view the full results here. It was close and I think if she hadn't repeated any guesses, she may have won. So it was a close one.

I do have a serious question though, viz. should I keep doing the Preseason Oscar Game? This year we had four participants which I think is as many as I've ever had which suggests that, really, most people just aren't interested. (Plus, I've never lost so I never get to give away my fabulous prizes.)

So please leave a comment either way. Should it stay? Should it die? And even if you don't care --- tell me that too.



  1. You say you have "fabulous prizeS"...so where's my 2nd place award?

    Or, since we're talking about the Oscars, which has multiple categories, how about a Best of Contestants-Who-Aren't-Thmazing?

  2. Unable to see results... sorry.

  3. .

    Really??? Dang. I'll look into it.