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I ranked the quality of Zarahemla and Parables bookcovers over time. Time runs left to right, quality of covers top to bottom. Note that I have not taken disparity of quality into account. If I had, there would be some big gaps between the better covers and the worse. But I've been accused of snobbery too many times to risk anything other than putting them in order from best to worst. I'll let you decide for yourself how many are good and how many are terrible.

Of course, this is just my opinion. If you click on the charts, you'll be taken to the pubs' catalogue pages where you can see them larger. Do so, then return and tell me which ones you like most and least.

Zarahemla Books



  1. I probably like Bound on Earth's cover the best, but must admit most of them don't grab me (not visceral enough) but I have to ask what makes you rank Hooligan so highly as a cover? I don't get it, it says nothing to me.

  2. I generally agree, but think that the Hunting Gideon cover should be more highly rated.

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    I think Hooligan is a standout, but the middle ground for Zarahemla is hard to judge because they are all about equal. I was hard pressed to place HG, for instance.

    Hooligan's cover is by far the best type treatment of any of the books here which sets is apart. Plus it's just a nice clean design. I like it a lot. (The book, however, is boring. I may never finish it. I get in about five pages every four months.)

    Except for BonE, all the Parables covers are pretty awful in my opinion.

  4. heh- I have a copy of Thayer's Under the Cottonwoods and havent been able to dig into it yet either.

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    To paraphrase his wife, all his stories are the same.