Svithing the Quadrennial


Four years and two days ago, I posted my first svithe (thutopia, weekly svithe. Four weeks later I explained what my svithing was all about (thutopia, weekly svithe):

    I did not make up this idea; I took it from the Sabbath--the one day in seven dedicated to God. . . .

    I maybe might just maybe be addicted to blogging.

    Part of my redemption is this svithing. Every Sunday I write a post that is intended to be godly.

Lately I've been observing a shift in the blogosphere. I think we can blame the lessened audiences on Facebook and Twitter. It's about impossible for me to get conversations going in the comments section anymore --- if a conversation about one of my posts happens, it happens on, wait for it, Twitter. What do you know.

What's the implication for svithery? Is it still needful? Should I just try to be, I don't know, a holy tweeter?

Who knows. It may be broke, but that diagnosis isn't certain yet.

So I'm going to keep svithing. Shall we not go forward in so great a cause, etc.

It's not like I'm doing anything more important.

Ah, the littleness of a person.

There's religion in here somewhere. We don't have to look hard.

last week's svithe


  1. I can't believe it's been so long. I don't post every day and I don't svithe every week. But when I feel moved upon by the spirit about something I don't want to forget, I svithe. It works for me.

    Happy quadrennial.

  2. Then you could hop on the #jesustweeters bandwagon. I'm just sayin'.