My AMV interview with the Queen of Eldritch Horror


As a teaser, here's dear Wilum Hopfrog Pugmire's response when I asked him if he had seen New York Doll:
    I loved NEW YORK DOLL. The gent who made it gave a fireside at our stake, and I was asked to give the closing prayer. I was wearing my Mormon punk jacket with Joseph Smith safety-pinned to the back, and the film's director asked me about being an LDS punk, so that was cool. I had no idea that Killer Kane had joined the church. Watching that dvd was just one of several instances where the spirit seemed to say to me, "It's rad to have you back, just be yourself." I know that if the First Presidency ever sees my vlogs with me in punk drag I'll probably get excommunicated again -- I mean, if they're gonna ex someone for making those mild RM calenders..... -- but I'm just gonna take what's coming and stay active in whatever form is allowed.

Interview here.

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  1. Great question to ask, Th.

    And I'll say it again:

    One of the highlights of my life as a radical middle LDS Mormon post-punk artist/critic was attending a screening of New York Doll in San Francisco followed by a Q&A with Greg Whiteley. The theater wasn't full. The Mormons (and few others who may or may not have been of the tribe) sat in back. The punks and queers sat up front. But it was awesome.

  2. .

    What was audience reaction like?

  3. Everybody loved it. There was a very good feeling in the room afterwards. One of the punks very nicely and a bit circuitously (he was trying to be diplomatic) wanted to know about tithing and the film. Greg explained that he would be tithing on the massive amounts that he made from the film but that, no, the proceeds of the film wouldn't be going directly to the LDS Church. He talked a little about the financing and cooperating he received to make it, and without naming too many names it was clear that his bishop and other church members really helped to make it happen (because they believed in the project).

    Someone else asked about what he listened to growing up so it gave Greg to throw out his credentials -- as I recall, the Clash was a major fav.