Two Delightful Things to Start Your Week With


For my brother, further evidence that he is dead wrong when he says celery has no flavor, this delightful part of my Wednesday lunch:

Dr. Brown's Cel-Ray

For Jack Black, who still refuses to play Paul Revere in my new all-star revolutionary comedy, this evidence that he is perfect for the role:

Paul Rever

and free bonus, don't miss my to build a fence, online for the first time since 2002!


  1. Don't know about celery soda, I hate celery, but I want to see your Revolutionary picture show. Your casting asthetics remind me of the big-budget Book of Mormon movie I want to make that would have a lot of the big name stars in it and yet also throw in some great lesser known comic's. I really want one of the guys from the Upright Citizens Brigade to play King Noah. "Is the fruit on this tree ripe?"

  2. I do, however, feel inclined to point out that it is celery soda with other natural flavors.