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Two students kept track of my humanity this year, then after graduation emailed me their typed-up notes. Sometimes I was CLEARLY misquoted, but as a whole, this is what it's like to me in my class. I've changed Proper Nouns but left everything else as they sent it.

LHHS 2009 Mr. Thteed’s first AP Lit Class



(the side ways smile face that failed at life)
Drops dry eraser on the floor

“What ever Visitor 1 wants Visitor 1 gets.”
“It’s curious they’re property looks exactly the same.” (When Mr. Thteed drew a picture of Darcy and Lady Catharine’s house.)
“There’s their little best friend necklace, it’ll never go together again.”
“Oh lady De Bourg she makes my heart beat faster.”
On Board “B + J 4ER”
“I believe in smiling”
“I don’t know how your suppose to tell them apart”
“It’s like the circus coming to town but you get to marry them.”-upbeat
*got Mr. Thteed to sing a song like twinkle twinkle

Wrote: personity said “personality”
“gu, glu gla”- couldn’t talk
“Darbies estate”-Darcy’s estate
“Driving me bananas! I feel so much better now, it’s like I can go on with my life.”

pen running out of ink so Mr. Thteed *stabs at paper*

“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you this but if you keep your napkin clean you have eternal life.” W/ Visitor 1’s cake for Danny’s birthday to fool Mrs. Otherteacher
“Just for reference if any of you fail the AP test we’re going to blame it on them.” – points at the door Visitor 1 and Visitor 2 just walked out.
“HE’S DARCY! You can’t say no to Darcy!”

On Board “Partay”

“We get out at 1:30 today right?” everyone says “2:30” because the clock says 2:05

“He just wants a friend. I have no one to talk to.”-voice
“O Good! Story time.”
“Hhh, Arg, Urr”

“Mr. Thteed here.” –in an unusually deep voice

“O master.”-Imitating Igor

Wrote: forgiveness said, “It’s forgiveness with an X through it.”

“O My God! This marker stinks more then any three markers put together. If I start to act crazy take the marker away from me.”

“He tells Mr. Darcy”- Whops wrong book.

“du du dadu” –he has his own theme song. HIS OWN THEME SONG!!!!!!
“This is not America where only 30% of the population votes! Everyone vote.”
“Fact I won’t be grading these this weekend because I’ll be going into the city to watch ‘Watchmen’ on the Imax.”
“No because you and your ‘evilness’ (hand motions like Mr. Burns) might give it away”
“That is a terrible, terrible thing.” (the picture of the two circles on being Victor the other the monster and they were drawn really badly)
“The great and noble Steve where you’d be a Stevey rather then an abbey. I’m totally making this up.”
“I’m not going to ruin it for you, but guess what he’s in jail.”
“I lived in Korea.” –That’s cool
“My editor told me to use this word but I think he’s full of crap.”

“ring, ring”-phone “Who in the world could that be? Hi? Hi.”- Mr. Thteed
“Quotation marks for poems, underlined long, it won’t effect your grade but in your freshmen year of college you turn it in and it gets thrown back in your face, you blame me and then I get something I don’t want in the mail. And would wish I would talk to you about this RIGHT NOW, so quotation marks for poems and Underlines for titles.”

“Wait we’re not at the end of the book?! Excuse me then I was thinking ‘What is WRONG with these kids!’ So excuse me today is WEDNESDAY! Oh god, and here I was thinking, we’d, hell we’re doing this tomorrow. *erase stuff on board* I thought I forgot about if for Wednesday but TODAY IS WEDNESDAY!”- Mr. Thteed Scribe1 talking to Scribe2, “Ari are you going to write that down?” “Yes, I should write that down.”- Mr. Thteed Wrote: Wed on the board. “Excuse me I think I’ve been in a time warp or something today. Wednesday ..”-Mr. Thteed


“Now in 2006…. Wait what year is it now? 2009!”
“Wow! 5 arrows, very fast.”

“(about screw which kept white board from sliding) Scribe1 touches the screw and it fell out. “Maybe you should just take the screw out.”-Scribe1 and hands it to Mr. Thteed “What! How’d you do that? I’ve been fiddling with it all week!”- Mr. Thteed “I just touched it.”-Scribe1
“Or you can keep it and make a paper mache donkey.” (with the prompt essay)
“blackness, mysterious blackness.”
“I can’t wait for this test to be over, I’m going to eat a cheeseburger.”
“Party!”-Scribe1 *few seconds of nothing* “Naw let’s not.”-Mr. Thteed

“Pay really close attention to what I’m about to say… Oh snarkle.”
“I don’t want to mislead you because that’s not the way I roll.”
“I’m pretty sure 5+5+5 doesn’t equal 17, you better all vote next time.” “16, getting closer.” “Oh you guys suck!” (only 16 people voted again)

(doing haikus) “No, wait a minute, I can’t be old already I’m just about to… be a go-go dancer. WHY DID YOU WAIT SO LONG???”

“I was absent all day but came back for fourth block.” (because we’re that cool!)

“What’s my first name? Mysterious that’s what the Mr. Stands for.”
“He talks so well I wonder if Mr. Walter Dean Myers slipped the kids something.”

“Just like in one vomit.” *hand motions*
Wrote: Hey! (I that looks like Z with a dot on top) could kill her! {basically I could kill her}
“It’s not hard to imagine he said.”-Mr. Thteed quoting Mr. Thteed
Wrote: Richard Cory
Rich Dick

“What word did you always want to ask but knew Student 2 would look at you funny?”
“I often obscure the meaning in an unfair, unkind way, but I never lie.”

“We talked about it yesterday. O’ you weren’t here yesterday screw you!” to Student 1

“Welcome, welcome, welcome, I’m Mr. Thteed. Welcome to AP Lit.”
“Have you guys seen my rock cartoon? Ok we’re going to watch it today because it’s awesome!”

“So during 3rd block we were hit with an unbearable smell of fish. It was horrible, deadly.”
“Stuffy noses wouldn’t have helped you during 3rd block.”
“What was I going to say….. curse you Scribe1!”
“Any Lemony Snicket fans here?” Scribe1 raised her hand. “What’s the name of the last book?” *silence* “The End was the name I was looking for.” (not sure if that’s the title Mr. Thteed said but that’s the name of the last book)
“GET OUT YOUR BOOK! YOU DON’T HAVE YOUR BOOK OUT!” (shouting match between Scribe1 and Mr. Thteed) high pitchedness

“That seems like an awful waist of time…. Ok let’s do another one of these!”
Wrote: Way authors’ style realsx “That’s how everyone will say reveals in the future!”

“Don’t just blink at me. Who has the poem? What! No one.”
“Homeless?”- Mr. Thteed “Ominous!”-student

“Oodles and gobs of time”
“It doesn’t really make any sense. You should see a doctor.”
On Board: What to do today: AP -----------PANIC
“We have another book we were going to watch, hehehe…”

“I completely and utterly trust you. Don’t Get Me in Trouble!” “I’m going to brake a window.”- Student 3

“Exactly! I can’t tell the difference between old English and Yoda.”

“You do not understand it’s importance to me.” (the granola box with the questions)
“Hey that’s not funny” (before- “maybe when reading ‘To be or not to be’ you question suicide”)
“Ode was not on out list. WO! That’s crazy!”

“You have to have smoked to get it.”
“We were suppose to give one to Student 4”-Scribe1 “Well, what we’ve just learned is that I’m an English teacher.”-Mr. Thteed (there was a left over book)

“Do we have to return these to you?”-Student 3 “Wo, No, keep it. Give it to your children!”- Mr. Thteed
Drew a smilie face on the board. “In what way does that look like a face? Really.”

“It’s like a time machine.” Mr. Thteed (about my picture of Student 4 from Japanese class that morning.


It’s not 100………..
Sorry no pictures or doodles added.


  1. Good to see you're mostly human and not simply Thmazing...

  2. Bahahahahahahaha. This was so funny I kept reading instead of putting Dean down to nap on time...

  3. Awesome. I want to go back in time and be in your class.

  4. .

    Tyler: You are the "My editor" mentioned. I had them critique my paper on the overhead.

    Celia: It slew me the first time too. Some of those things . . . why did I say that?

    Katya: Anytime.

  5. Let me guess, all misquotes except for "gu, glu, gla"?

    I used to take notes very similar to these. There were a couple of classes/teachers that just provided so much entertainment, it couldn't not be recorded. I still have those notebooks, read 'em whenever I move.

    Seriously, can I sit in on your class sometime? I could totally pass for 17.

  6. This is an interesting contrast to the fascinating book I received in the mail today edited by one EWJ.

  7. This comes darn close to satisfying a gnawing curiosity I've had for quite a while. Doesn't totally satisfy it (I'd still like to see for myself), but it's good enough.

    I used to take notes like this is Mr. Richards's class. Love that man.


    Re: "My editor told me to use this word but I think he’s full of crap." What word is that?

    Your rock cartoon? What rock cartoon?

    "Oodles and gobs." Is that a Mom-ism? I've picked up a few weird things from her. There was a long phase in my high-school days when I was always laughing at the things she said. "Thrilled spitless," is the only one I can remember now.

  8. .

    Sklyark: I would believe they are all accurate except I never say OMG.

    Luisa: Oh, but you haven't read it yet. How can you know?

    Schmett: Ummm. I'll have to come back to your Qs after my anniversary.

  9. .

    Sklyark: I would believe they are all accurate except I never say OMG.

    Luisa: Oh, but you haven't read it yet. How can you know?

    Schmett: Ummm. I'll have to come back to your Qs after my anniversary.

  10. I'd like to be in your class. :)

    Do we need to see the rock cartoon? We wanna see the rock cartoon!

    Joke for you:
    Q: What's big, red and eats rocks?
    A: A big, red rock-eater.

    Q: What's big, red and eats sand?
    [This is where you say, 'a big, red sand-eater???]


    A big red, rock-eater on a diet. ahahahaha
    [Word verification = hyperr How does it know?]

  11. "Full of crap," eh? And all I sent you was a world of blame...

    (BTW: what word did I tell you to use?)

  12. Oh, but I read your bits right off.

  13. .

    (can't find word that provides evidence of tyler's crappiness)

  14. All right, kids. Who wants to band together and invade Th's classroom?

  15. I would dearly have wished to attend your AP Lit class. Alas, it is too late for me.

    From this moment on I am actively seeking moments where I can tell my students that they suck and have that work out alright. Naturally, I'll report any progress.

  16. .

    It helps, I've found, if you yell loudly and make ridiculous gestures.