A heartfelt apology to all my beloved Thutopians


It would be easy for me to blame my lax blogging of late upon my travels and travails, but I will not attempt to pass bux, as it were, and will instead note my sins and speak of how you can enjoy them.

1. Sunday I let some guy named McKay guest svithe instead of writing one myself.

2. Today, instead of posting here, I have a short essay called "Communion with the Small" appearing on Wilderness Interface Zone.

3. Tomorrow instead of posting here I am posting on Motley Vision: "Too sacred for public consumption -or- Disgusting the prophet’s wife". To (partly) make up for my neglect, you may read that post ahead of the typical AMV stopperby by coming here at 1am tomorrow morning for a link. This way you can read the post several hours ahead of its official posting time.

I hope you will someday find yourself able to forgive me.




  1. Having no official papers to proffer, I'm not sure whether I am a Thutopian. However, I forgive you.

  2. As do I, a fellow thinner.

  3. There is nothing like a sneak preview of a short essay to engender forgiveness. Consider yourself absolved.