Happy Birthday!


One year ago today we bought our first car together and we bought it new. One year later it has 6493 miles on it. The first cd it ever played was the Yeah Yeah Yeah's Show Your Bones (a gift from Purple Petra. Today it has Lisa Loeb's Camp Lisa in the player (though we were listening to KQED).

Happy birthdays also to my brother-in-law, J.K. Rowling, Dean Cain, and Satan.


  1. Dean Cain and Satan, ever see them in the same room together? You do the math.

  2. I'm impressed with your low mileage. Our car is a little over a year old and now has 17,000. I'm a bit embarrassed by that.

  3. .

    Foxy: Yes, but you have a vibrant exciting life.

    David: !!!!!

  4. Satan got born? Is this a recent development? Why haven't I heard??

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    I mean his spiritual birth. It's hard, the math to mesh that calendar with ours, but I'm pretty confident in my results.