2008: Goal update


Movies of the AFI 100 we own but have never seen:

Movies of the ARI 100 we own but have never seen our copy:

Bringing Up BabyWe just watched Bringing Up Baby (sorry for the lack of notice, Samantha) and, in fact, we have seen it before. I had just forgotten. And it is very funny and very silly and a very nice way to spend the evening. So it really should have been on the secondary list, but it was quite worth watching all the same.

Excuse me while I titter.

(Also: Asta was in it. I did not know who Asta was last time I say this movie.)

I think I forgot because Baby--the leopard--really isn't that major a character. So the title's a little random. But there are bigger quibbles to have over movies.

I wonder whether Mark means that he eats dogs or is fond of them...?


  1. Okay...some other time, I guess. Or maybe I can tempt you to watch Arsenic and Old Lace with me instead. It's also silly and lots of fun.

    And I'm a huge fan of Asta, but love his other movie matriarch mistress, Myrna Loy (come on--give me props for the alliteration!).

  2. .

    Props given. And I'm a lover of Myrna Loy, make no mistake (proof).

    And I also love Arsenic and Old Lace--I first saw it live and that's still one of my fondest theater memories.

    Let us know next time you're over here.