The Good Father


Lady Steed does a good job keeping the kids filled with necessary nutrients. So I feel like it's my job to introduce them to exciting flavors. Yesterday, Large S got to try out ground cloves. I mixed it in with a barley-and-apple-juice mash and he ate it right up. He seemed quite fond of it--even though I put in much more than I had intended.

Really, the only thing from the spice cabinet I'm leery of introducing him to are the hot things--chili pepper, Tabasco--things like that. Mainly because my plans to turn the Big O into a jalapeƱo-munching kindergartener seem to have backfired. Now he's extremely skittish about things hot. This from the kid who, when two, would insist on eating nothing but tortillas with Taco Bell Fire Sauce on them! Where did I go wrong?

So I'm not sure how to proceed with child two. So he likes all the stuff I've thrown at him so far: excellent.

Now how to introduce him to the hard stuff...?


  1. What I'm about to tell you will not inspire hope, so prepare yourself.

    My parents attempted to indoctrinate my taste buds with the gospel of spiciness at a tender age. Unfortunately, it backfired in a spectacular way as I am now the wussiest member of my family when it comes to all things spicy. Medium salsa? Forget it. Kim Chee? Only if there's a pitcher of water and lots and lots of noodles.

    Let's chalk it up to bad genetics rather than their efforts.

  2. I would say start out with a tiny amount of hot. Once he seems totally used to that amount, gradually increase it in really small increments. If he ever seems to be unhappy about it, go back to the last amount he could handle fine and stay there for a year or so. Then try again...

    That's what I would try if I REALLY wanted to work it.

  3. Ditto to silly marie's suggestion.

  4. When you said the hard stuff, for some reason I immediately thought liquor. Not that I doubt your parenting skills, it's all in word association. I just had to laugh.

  5. At two years old my sister was still nursing. To help her not want to nurse, my mom used Tobasco sauce and told her the milk had gone bad. She stopped nursing.

    I don't think she has too much of a problem with hot things now, but she does hate all fruit and we blame my mom for messing up her tastebuds with the Tobasco. Now that I think about it, those two things may very well be unrelated and this comment may not have an actual point.

    I like hot things. I'm going with silly marie's suggestion too.