Speaking of spices, nutmeg

Nutmeg, mace, fingers..

Somewhere I once heard that nutmeg is right up there with honey and peanuts on the list of things not to give babies lest they die horrible deaths before your very eyes. So as the Big O was to born right before Christmas, I asked the midwife if Lady Steed needed to be careful about imbibing eggnog. She looked at me like I had gone insane. She scooted back on her chair, giving her two more inches of safe, safe distance from the expectant father, then said in slow and distinct syllables that nutmeg was fine.

After the Big O turned cesarean and we were switched to an obstetrician, I asked him if nutmeg would pass through the breastmilk and worry the child.

I was laughed to scorn.

I checked WebMD and Dr. Koop and other then-hip medical sites for information on nutmeg and babies, but could find nothing. How had I been led so far astray?

But now, thanks to conspiracy-proof Wikipedia, I know the truth.

Thank goodness lingering worry has prevented me from feeding that to my babes.


  1. .

    It really is.

    Allegedly, in high enough doses, you can get high on nutmeg. That's all some people need to know.

  2. Thanks for the words of warning. Who knew?