Olivia Hussey v Claire Danes

Two Juliets

It's interesting to show both movies to freshmen. I show Olivia first, and if the alpha males declare her passing fair, when I then share Claire, the betas immediately disdain her--she's nothing compared to Olivia!

If however, the alphas had stuck their fingers up their throats over Olivia, the betas immediately, upon seeing Claire, exclaim, "Well at least this Juliet's hot! Yowza!"

This, my friends, is high school.


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    I was told today by a student that Claire Danes looks like me -- at least from the nose up.

  2. I'm so very, very happy that I'm not in high school anymore and that I never have to be again, except in my nightmares. Although my senior year was one sweet ride...

  3. I haven't seen either version.

    I like that you were told that Claire Danes looks like you, rather than that you look like Claire Danes (at least, from the nose up).

  4. Claire Danes is just lovely as Juliet. I haven't seen the other movie.

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    I like them both. And say, are you allowing comments again yet?