What's in a name?
(a late july svithe)

biggo and largesse.

We have not settled on a blogonym for Child the Second, but I am going to try a naming system on for size as part of this post. This naming system requires a renymming of Child the First, so be prepared.


We've had a hard time with this because we are desperate to keep the name from indicating he has a subservient or secondary status to Biggo. So names like Squeaky and Sidekick, which had a lot going for them, were rejected. (Although if you heard this kid nurse...you might insist on calling him Squeaky anyway.)

I'm reading a book now all about preventing sibling rivalry and this not-comparing issue is a big one with them. So we didn't want to peg the new guy with a name that would always make him seem like a baby. Because the way Biggo's blogonym has stuck to him, well, who wants to be Nursing Squeakers at fifteen?

All of which brings me back to possibly my favorite Elder Holland talk, which I have svithed before. In summary, my brother's success does not mean I am a failure. And we want to pick a name that proclaims that.

So far Biggo has been very loving and 42-month-old responsible towards his little brother Largess, and I hope that will prove a lasting trend. they'll need a true ally to deal with their wacko father after all. Biggo is already embarrassed of me, telling me to stop singing already, et cetera.

Family is a beautiful thing--the best. I'm glad my sons have each other. I hope they are always friends. All the way to eternity.

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  1. I love the picture. Coming from one who can't live by blognyms, I don't know how much help I can be on the nym issue. I do like the Big O's blognym as is and I would hate to see it go. Maybe the new guy could have a name like "bubs" or "the Big S" or something. haha.

  2. Biggo sounds too much like Viggo. You don't want to name your kid after an actor, do you?
    What's wrong with Big O and Large S?

  3. I have to confess that it took me a while to get Largess. (Not two days, by the way; it's just taken me two days to get around to commenting.) I couldn't figure out why you'd put a feminine ending on your son's name--why not call him Giganta? Then when I got it I was left with RC's final question: Why?

    That said, I stand by you in whatever you decide to call your son and will defend your choice to the death, if need be.

  4. .

    It probably will.

  5. I have to add that I also like Large S much better than largess. Largess has a good meaning, but it nevertheless always sounds funny to me. Which is as good a reason to use it as any other, I suppose. :)

  6. Avoid names like, goatess, because every time I see that name "that one image" and you know which one I am talking about comes back... and I throw up in my mouth.

    (To: goatess,
    I am sorry about your unfortunate name so similar to... that.)