Today we blessed the Large S in sacrament meeting and it reminded me of one of the most beautiful descriptions of what it means to be Mormon. I thought today I would simply pass it along. Margaret Young is a highly regarded LDS writer and after the PBS special, people were interested, so she wrote.

And people were interested! I've been surprised how many people watch PBS.

Anyway, here is her reply. I thought it really nailed the LDS experience in a lovely way.

If you can nail things in a lovely way....


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  1. Did you officially christen him Largess or Large S, then? How will he be know on the records of the Church?

  2. I enjoyed Margaret's piece, though it is bittersweet fo those of us who have never had the ideal LDS experience.

  3. Baby blessings are so sweet. Good choice with the name ;-)

    I never watched that PBS special; I never watch PBS for that matter. I did hear about it at work though, and about some of the inaccuracies and such.

  4. Thank you. Eternal perspective in a crazy world is always a gift.

    Congratulations, again.

  5. Margaret was actually one of my professors last year. She is rather talented.