To your left (volume three)

liberty bloggers are hot

Master Fob's Fobcave
    Master Fob and I met in a creative writing class taught by Dean Hughes, after which we went on to found Fob. Master Fob's blog may be the only blog (besides my own and my wife's in which I have read every post in its entirety (including only blogs at least a year old).

    Mr Fob writes some of the best svithes and his personal life has become can't-miss for a goodly number of the web's voyeurs. Of course, those people are messed up beyond measure, but still, sort of makes you wonder what you've been missing, doesn't it?

    (example: underwear)

Foxy J's Yellow Wallpaper
    I may well have met Foxy before Mr Fob as she was working in the same office as Lady Steed. In fact, they talked about their respective husbands and discovered that we might well know each other before we did. Then, one time, when I returned a comic script I was reading for him, Lady Steed and Foxy J remet each other face-to-face in the presence of their husbands and that was that.

    Although I may never forgive Foxy for having morning sickness when I made them my famous rotten-bean soup.

    I haven't made it again since.

    (Although I think that's just a coincidence.)

Queen Zippergut's Palace
    Queenie met Mr Fob at a writing conference and he invited her to be the third founding Fob. She was perfect. She was sharp, funny, a good writer. She had a hard time actually completing things, but she remains a master of the excellent start.

    Then she married some English guy and crossed the pond and started her Palace. Although! although she can be a sporadic writer, when she's on top of her game, she's on top of the game.

    Now if we could only get her to finish that novel.....

Recession Cone's Set of Feasible Rays
    RC and his wife (see next) moved into our ward (c. 2002) then showed up in our hypnobirthing class (2003) then took over our hospital room when we abandoned it for an evergency c-section (2003) then moved to the Berkeley area not long before we arrived (c. 2006). After borrowing my copy of Cat's Cradle, RC rightly suspects we may be part of the same karass.

    RC's blog is not that different from talking to RC. You can expect fascinating facts dealt with erudition and hefty opinion. Check it out. Comment. Keep him writing.

'sposita's Mariposas Oscuras
    It drives me nuts, starting your name with an apostrophe---makes me hate putting it at the beginning of a sentence---I can't decide whether to capitalize the first-but-post-apostrophe letter or not---maddening.

    In other news, she also takes pictures.

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Volume Two, 2000 - 2000


  1. You say nice things. I like you.

  2. Though I don't think I just noticed the years thing, I think I'm going to change mine to that. I am officially recognizing you in that I thought of it from your blog. Also I'm probably going to do this about people thing, but I had been thinking about doing it for a while, I just didn't want to do it alphabetically.

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    I like you guys too.

  4. Your funnier than a lamanated rat.

  5. .

    And you my friend, need one of these for yourself.

  6. perhaps, but the people I work for would discourage it.

  7. .

    Who do you work for, the KGB?