I Mispoke


(WARNING: this post contains HIDDEN but UNCENSORED language. DO NOT highlight the blank spots unless you can handle some VERY INAPPROPRIATE ENGLISH.)


You know how sometimes someone might say something which would not normally be anything unusual for them to say, but because of certain company would be rude or inappropriate? For instance, saying one has to take a crap in front of a prim grandmother rather than formal excusement for nose powdering? Yes, well last Friday a young lady mispoke in front of two adults at the high school, during class, one of whom was me, which she then quickly corrected.

Her mispeak:

"Shut up you damn fuck!"

Which was then corrected to:

"I mean dumb fuck!"


  1. Your text-hiding tricks don't work in Google Reader. I'm scarred for life.

  2. This girl is brilliant, give her an A!

  3. Ha! Sounds like some comments I've heard before. The joys of education and English. Thanks for the laugh.