Tusk asks


For the first time, a blog-forward I approve of. You have to request it to get it and each time it is different.

Tusk offered, I took the bait.

1. Who is the most effective supervillain?
    I was going to pick some really hot chick, but then I saw a picture of the Joker as I was researching, and who else could I choose? Who else is so unpredictable? Who else is so completely un-understandable? Who else cares so little for my life? He scares the crap out of me.

2. What is your least favourite snack?
    Cheese crackers of any sort. Cheese cracker-eaters are a truly messed-up breed. And you can tell them I said so.

3. What is the ultimate Karaoke song--why?
    "You Lost that Loving Feeling"---I know because I was at an ice cream shop and a friend of mine, without music, got about one hundred people to sing along with him. That guy is awesome.

4. What is your favourite childhood memory?
    On our way back from Mount Rushmore, my family, grandmother and Cousin Sbook stopped in Yellowstone. The whole trip was awesome, but I have fond memories of Sbook and I walking right up to a moose--which we both new to be legally suicide--and talking deeply about Hey! there's a moose! That was pretty good.

5. If the blogosphere were a body, in which part would your blog be?
    The betwixtia--that spot on your retina between rods and cones, and the optical nerve. If it actually does anything, it fakes seeing spots. (Note: I totally made betwixtium up. I have a real problem with that.)

Now! If you want to play, leave a comment and I will visit you (or email you) and ask you five questions all your very own. Or not. Whatever.


  1. I'll play. Since I love talking about myself so much :)

    And I think you're borrowing that Karaoke scene from Top Gun :)

  2. How many can you pick? Can you pick me? Because I never get picked for these things.

  3. Me too! I haven't blogged for days, gimme some material!!

  4. I would feel horribly left out if you didn't interview me too.

  5. I would be honoured if you interviewed me, Th!