Puhsycho (now I am)

A boy's best friend is his mother.

Seeing Psycho on the big screen was an astonishing experience. I have seen that movie many many times--the first time at fourteen--and the movie has had an incalculable effect on how I view film, how I view terror, how I view art. I have read innumerable essays and articles and even books about it and yet seeing it last night, big, was completely new.

So many details I had never noticed before! Because although I knew where Hitchcock was hiding in Psycho, I had never been able to actually recognize him before. I had not computed that Marian buys her new car in Bakersfield. I had never realized how shocking the shower scene actually is, when viewed fullsize.

I could talk about Psycho for ages. And then go on and on about Hitchcock for several ages more. But all I really want to talk about right now is that I need to see more movies large. Vertigo, Marnie, North by Northwest, The Trouble with Harry, Shadow of a Doubt..... All of them.

And other nonHitchcock favorites too!


The Thin Man movies!


All About Eve!

And classics I've yet to see? Now I must see them huge!

The Maltese Falcon!

King Kong!


My life has just been ruined through enrichment.

Thank goodness the tickets are only $6 a pop.

King Kong

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