Heading Back Home
episode iiiii
No more yellow car


In our last episode, we struggled to get inside the house. Now we're unpacked and I'm leaving home alone and it's time for


No more yellow car

Just as we were able to get home in excellent time, so did I have excellent luck finding the Oakland Airport for the first time ever. The signs were clear and simple and I found the rental car return with ease and the check-in process took under a minute. So long, rambunctiously yellow car! The nice National employee pointed me in the direction of the BART shuttle, which was half-a-hop away and just sitting there waiting for me.

The shuttle was not clearly marked as going to BART, but I asked the driver and he grunted something that seemed to mean yes. So I got on and sat down.

The posters inside the bus said that the bus had three stops: Terminal One (for all airlines except Southwest), Terminal Two (for Southwest) and the rental car place. But I had faith in my driver and sat down with my book and set to reading.

I made the full loop, from terminal to terminal to rental car place, and never once did the electric lady announce BART. Or maybe I just didn't catch it because I was chuckling at silly old Katz. Hard to say.

The second the shuttle pulled into the rental car place, I leaped off and jumped onto the next shuttle before it could leave. I asked that driver if his bus would take me to BART and he said yes, at Terminal One.

I listened carefully that time and the electric woman never announced BART. Which is one more reason why all electric women must die.

As I left his shuttle, the driver explained where to cross and how to leap and when to wiggle through in order to get on a separate shuttle that would then actually take me to BART and I thanked him and in no time I was making my relatively crazies-free way home on good old fashioned public transportation.

Getting off at the station near our home, I had the pleasurable experience of walking home in the cool Bay dark.

Ah, to be outside!

I had just spent twelve days stuck inside my parents' house then seven hours stuck inside vehicles and now it was wonderful just to be walking the sidewalks I had been walking every day since July and breathing cool, night air.

All by myself.

Me and the air and no one else.

It was lovely.

But not so lovely that I did not walk straight home and kiss my wife.


  1. Goodness, man, not so graphic! I mean, I know you're married, but c'mon! Decency!

  2. Welcome home.

    But then, Lady Steed already said that. In the way that only she can

    I'm done now.

  3. Gotta love public transportation.

    Great story overall!