Learn something new on even the most miserable of days


So I hate seventh graders and let's just leave it at that.

But one of my actually behaved students today taught me something interesting. There she was, doing her work in the midst of insanity, and she pulled out a jug of Vaseline.

"Do you want some Vaseline, Mister Mister?" (She called me Mister Mister.)

"No, thank you. What do you need all that for?"



"Yeah. You put it on your face and when you get hit it doesn't leave a mark."



  1. And then she hit you, right? And you were dumb enough not to take the Vasoline when she offered it... I bet you won't make that mistake again!

  2. .

    Actually--sadly--she told me this seventh period and I was hit by a student first period. In the gut. So not only did I get the info too late, but it was for the wrong part of my anatomy to boot.

    And what are you doing up? Go to bed!

  3. What in the world?!? What kind of school are you teaching at?