Explanation of terms

Behold! Books!.

Since the last picture turned out so terribly, I thought I would try again and use the excuse to define what I mean by a book finished in 2007, which is what I will be chronicling this year.

Let's start with 2007: From the midnight beginning January first to the midnight ending December thirty-first, California time.

Finished: Regardless of what percentage of the book was read during 2007, I have to finish the final word during this calendar year.

Book: Ah, now here's the tricky one. This definition is subject to revision and exception, but here's my definition at present---a) No fewer than 100 pages; b) not a periodical. This definition, as you will notice, is entirely negative. But I assume we can all recognize a book. I'm mostly trying to keep myself from obsessively logging all the magazines and Sesame Street books I read by disqualifying them outright.

Anyway, that's it. This year I'm keeping track. I'm very jealous of the lists others made last year and wish I had some way of comparing my success with theirs--because I really have no idea how many books I read last year.

I wish I did.

Basically, I'm throwing my hat in the ring.

Poor thing....


  1. You're already beating me by four. Of course, I stick to your rule regarding periodicals and don't count trade paperback collections of monthly comics...

  2. I haven't read a single book this year.

    Not even the assigned ones.