Check my math


(I hope you can all read this okay....)

Preseason Game Results


  1. Impressive overall, but you're going to have to explain the 1/2.

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    Since I did this so early this morning with nothing but the raw data I failed to link here.

    The reason I got half a point is because I correctly identified a nominated movie (Half Nelson), but not the actor (I wrote Half Nelson again instead of Ryan Gosling).

    In all, I think we are all surprised by the lowness of our scores. I mean, come on! no Volver?!?!

    Honestly, I'm kind of bummed I won. I had a good prize for the winner. Maybe I'll send it along as a consolation prize instead.....

  3. Yes, you should! Cause we should all be impressed (and possibly shocked and maybe even dismayed) that I didn't entirely lose, especially with that little Munich incident . . .

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    I have to admit I was pretty surprised by the final rankings....

  5. I can't read it.

    But if I could, I would castigate you all severely for wasting your time on media-intensive trivia, when there are so many people starving somewhere in Africa or Asia.

    *goes back to his compic books*

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    You're just jealous because you don't know who Abigail Breslin is.