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So with the return of the www to our home, I am returning to regular svithing. I suppose it might be appropriate for me to start by restating my personal philosophy of svithing. Now that several people have turned svither, my own philosophy is but one of many. All the same, I think it's worth it (at least to me) to restate.

First, since I am by nature an abhorrent person who would as soon swallow puppies as feed starving children, regular svithing lets me pretend to be a good person.

Second, I spend so much time blogging that it seems only appropriate that I should dedicate a portion to God, which portion I term a svithe (being a portmanteau of seven and tithe and taking one full day of blogging per week).

Third, everyone should try to make the world a better place and a religiously themed svithe seems more likely to do so than typing the letter x 175 times.

That said, I am svithing again. Please visit every Sunday. My svithes appear both on Thmusings and The Weekly Svithe. For information on how to comment on svithes, please visit here. A complete list of known svithers (current/former, regular/occasional) appears in The Weekly Svithe's sidebar. If you need to be added to this list, please let me know.


Last week was our stake conference and Elder Nelson was there visiting us.

I admit that I have a bias towards Apostles who are interesting writers and Elder Nelson is about as interesting as they come. He is constantly adventuring into the edges of what a Conference talk can be. He has incorporated singing from the choir into his talks; he has written 15 minutes of pure alliteration; he experiments. I admire that, even if I'm not sure it always works.

But beyond that, I admire Elder Nelson as a man and as a leader. He's one of those people I think I would really get along with in person. And we puppy-swallowers don't find so many of those.

Anyway, Elder Nelson was here and he spoke to us and I thought for my first svithe back I would let someone with better credentials do the preaching.

Why the Church was restored?
    1. To make good on the promise to gather Israel.

    2. So that families may be sealed lest the earth be wasted.

    3. To prepare the world for the Second Coming.

Mission v. Ministry
    Elder Nelson made an interesting distinction between the Ministry of Christ (those being the things we can emulate--his service, charity, humility, etc) and his Mission (those being the things only he could do--the Atonement for instance).

A joke on being released (apropos because our stake presidency was being released)
    "Be grateful you get to be released. I have to die to be released! Well, there are other ways...but I'm not interested in that!"

A miracle, as stated by a doctor (that doctor being Elder Nelson)
    We have seen a miracle in Gordon B Hinckley's health from April to October.

On what we were created for (general)
    Each child in this earth was created to be successful in his mortal existence.

On what to do during the sacrament
    Elder Nelson can no longer even read the scriptures during the sacrament. He focuses only on the Atonement. Me, I focus on keeping the two-year-old noise down. It's a start.

The Miracle TG Diet!
    If Elder Nelson had a young family today, he would use the Tropical Guide's fifty-seven subtopics regarding Jesus, using one per week. Ditto if he were a missionary. That's fifty-seven days of morning study taken care of right there. It should, in fact, Elder Nelson said, be each missionary's core curriculum.


That's where I'll stop.

They were pretty good talks.

See you next week.

I'll bring along some economics.


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  1. thanks th. it's very nice to be reading your svithe again.

  2. Where can I get one of them "Tropical Guides"? Because that sounds awesome--especially since it's currently so cold that my frozen fingers are having a hard time typing. Also, I think that studying thing is a great idea.

    R.M. Nelson is the best friend of the father of a good friend of mine. This means I have heard a lot of good stories about "Uncle Russ." One of my favorites is about how he loves Neal A. Maxwell so much that he tries really hard to emulate him in his speaking. Hence the fifteen-minutes of alliteration. After all, if you see a good thing, you should take it to new heights, and I believe Elder Nelson has done just that. The ironic part is that Elder Maxwell was getting really tired of alliteration toward the end of his life. He had pretty much decided to quit doing it, because he said that if it was making him sick, how must other people be feeling? Apparently Uncle Russ does not feel that way. An endearing tribute to a man we all loved and miss.

  3. I suppose it is now time for me to also return to the weekly svithe. I've slacked off since you found yourself without the www!

    Elder Nelson is pretty much awesome. When my old stake presidency was release and the new instated (including my father in the latter) we had Elder Ballard come down. He's pretty much awesome, too.

    I'm going to have to come back to this svithe and read it over again. That's how good it is.

  4. .

    Wow. Even though I called it a Tropical Guide?