The Economics of Svithing


Living in Berkeley has many advantages. One of which is gospel discussions which are frequently intellectual as well as spiritual. For instance, one of the sacrament talks our first Sunday here was both excellent gospel instruction and a fascinating introduction to Japanese literature. I love that.

That week or the next, our elders quorum president, an economist, gave this lesson I will be attempting to recreate here.

I originally intended to make this my first svithe back, but that was when I thought we would be online months ago. Now time has passed and I am the only college graduate in America who hasn't read Freakonomics and we're going on months-old notes by an English major. I hope this turns out well.

This formula was created by Devin Pope (watch out--that link's a pdf) from an idea of Matthew Rubin's (that one too).

Note: This was easier to write in jpegs, but Blogger refuses to blow them up within the blog page without distortion. Clicking on any section of the rest of this post will open it into a new window where you should be able to more easily read it.

B. U. Got it?
Up your insurance payout now!
It's fun to pretend.
Look out for the arrows!
Here they come again!
Darn that perception!
Keep in mind we're talking about perceptions here.
Just don't ask me to explain the GDP....

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  1. This is an interesting presentation!!

    I used to try to accomplish the same thing by setting up a division-by-zero but I always caught myself.

    I will have to look this over. Unfortunately, I am neither economist nor statistitian.

    Keep on keeping on.

  2. Whoa. That's a bit complex for me to follow on my own. I think I'd do much better with a teacher presenting it in person.

    I'm glad you're enjoying the more intellectual church environment!