Thoughts relevant to Friday the Thirteenth of October

(that you may be prepared)


1. I read The Ersatz Elevator this week, so I'm halfway to being ready to go buy the End. I don't think I'm going to make it.

2. The Copeland Sports by our house is closing down, so you can get your camping hatchets and hockey masks for as much as 80% off.

3. The ancient one-eyed ape that creeps through the grass with bloodied obsidian in his grasp knows where you live.

And he is coming.


  1. I already bought my copy of The End. Tomorrow morning, at 10, when the bookstore opens, I get to go pick it up.

    Even better, because Dec left town for most of the week, I actually finished Peter and the Shadow Thieves, which was the condition I had given myself to be able to get/read The End.

    It'll be a joyous day.

    (I think word verification is confused--unless it's Kujo who's coming.)

  2. he is coming. I just had tea with him the other day and he said he really wants to go on a spree this Friday the 13th. I thought he was talking about shopping.

    I'll be locking my doors.

  3. Oh no! How'd he find out where I live? I really hate having to move so darned much. I'll just have to employ an army of robot monkeys to take him out!

  4. SIGH. I suppose I can borrow another fifteen or so dollars to see what horrible fate will tie this all up.

  5. Elmo knows where you live.

  6. Oh, had I read this before today... Perhaps I could have just stayed in bed and avoided the catastrophes today.

  7. I'd just like to say that he came. And he says hello. And he has fangs.

  8. Oh, good. I was hoping someone could put me out of my misery. Let the ancient one-eyed ape come! (so what if I am running a day late?)