I didn't buy a book today.
I especially did not buy Lisey's Story.


I once again successfully visited Costco today without purchasing a book. I manage to do this with surprising regularity.

Just how many books we Thteeds own is uncertain and will remain uncertain until the Thteed collection is fully catalogued, but my guess is 3,000 volumes. Which is a healthy number. A number which is frequently supplemented with stacks of books from library sales and other such nearly free bibliorgies. The one thing I do not do however--no matter how strong the desire--is buy new hardbacks.

I love hardbacks.

I love new books.

I love buying a literary work and knowing its creator is getting a percentage.

I do not often act on these loves.

Even at Costco, where the books are dirt cheap (for new hardbacks, anyway).

I did not buy The End.

I did not buy The Ruins.

I am a good person.

Yes, I did buy Fragile Things, but Lady Steed was there and she let me buy it.

(She did not tell me till afterwords that this was now my "Christmas present.")


I like books. I read a lot of books. I have more books than I will ever be able to read. Yet I need more books. I need more books. I need more books. I need more books.

And I need Lisey's Story in hardback. Have you seen that thing? It's beautiful....

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  1. Crap. NOW I need to go to Costco.

  2. Especially tragic, considering that now you have the room for them (I presume).

  3. .

    House, yes; shelving, no.

  4. Thanks for the bonus. Very cool!