Like a good fob


We recently checked Elmopalooza! out from the library. Half of it was scratched beyond watching, but we did get to see some funny stuff with Jon Stewart and Chris Rock and some decent musical numbers.

The Big O's favorite was Shawn Colvin and Ernie singing the prettiest song in the Sesame Street Canon. We watched it on repeat about a zillion times and it never got old.

But I'm happy to announce that my favorite song--just edging out Shawn & Ernie, was the Fugees' number.

All Fobs rejoice. My loyalty has been assured.


  1. I feel like a proud father who's just seen his son come of age. Well done, my child.

  2. Um, I like the Ernie song. A lot.

    I dunno about the Fugees.

    (Okay, okay, I like them too.)

  3. Oh yeah, Sesame Street. No greater show!

  4. I had no qualms about Elmo until a friend forwarded me this article:

    Elmo is an Evildoer: The self-obsessed Sesame Street Muppet is destroying all that is holy on children's TV.

    Although I know it's all balony, a little part of my can't help but feel threatened.

  5. I love that sesame street song! And Shawn Colvin. And Lauryn Hill (and therefore, the Fugees)

  6. I love that Ernie song the very most! I used to sing it to Lola when she was a baby.

    Never cared much for Elmo. Except when he guest starred on "The Frugal Gourmet." THAT was cute!

  7. "Elmo is the Jar-Jar Binks of Sesame Street."

    Bwahahahahaha!!! Bravo, Sarah! But I feel to remind Mr. Stein that even our beloved Cookie Monster didn't always speak as correctly as he does now. In the beginning, or when I was a kid, he used to say, "C is for Cookie, dat good enough for me . . . . cookie, cookie, cookie start wit' 'C.'" Then all the education people started worrying that kids weren't going to learn how to speak properly. I guess they changed their minds, but it was too late to dumb the CM back down. Too bad.

  8. Not that I don't enjoy your blog (because I do), but what's happened to Lady Steed?

  9. .

    "Elmo doesn't grow. People show him something and he laughs. He doesn't learn a lesson," says Lee.

    This is what the Big O does.

    Lady Steed does not make library trips as frequently as Theric does and she does not prioritize blogging high enough to fit it in.

    However, when we (finally) get internet at home, she'll be having all kinds of home-improvement stories and photos to share.

    Black chandeliers, anyone?

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    Oh--and Mr Fob--have you see Elmopalooza?

  11. No, but I've heard the soundtrack.

  12. .

    And what did you think?

  13. I like, of course.

    You have to ask?

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    I was thinking maybe you would, of course, but perhaps you retained memories of others as well and would have comment.

    Then again, maybe not.