Thelf-promotion, at which I am very bad


I was thinking about a tweet an hour ago and realized that, the short story it mentions, I have absolutely failed to promote in this space. Which got me wondering what else I'm overdue to mention. So here are some things.


Lucky Wounds

You can see why the tweet remains on my mind. Another friendly tweet describes the story as "an old gunman doing movies, thinking about past wrongs" and I think that about covers it. It's not very long! You've got time!

Still in that Moment

After I realized it was a little late in the season to promote a Christmas anthology, I decided to wait until next November. Which almost guarantees I'll forget to do it in 2022 as well. So let's throw it out now.

This is a kind of story I've long wanted to add to my repertoire. But I'm hiding my hand for as long as possible as to what kind of story it is. And so I'm not sure how to promote it since I don't want to even give you its genre.

Fwiw, not only is this one of the rare pieces of thephemera my father has read, he has been effusive in his praise. Apparently, this is exactly his favorite kind of thing?

Today I Will Comb My Hair

I don't write poetry in wild shapes and yet I still have a hard time getting them to look right on websites. What a difficult life I lead.

I wrote the poem about some climate news. It's not super-Mormony but I'm glad Bristlecone Firesides gave it a home. It feels like the right place.

(the bees of course don’t know it)
zzyzx road

Speaking of stuff that's not super-Mormony but is environment-minded, these two poems appeared in a really cool collection you should all most certainly pick up. It's loaded with terrific writers.

These two poems are autobiographical, referring to incidents, respectively, about fifteen and twenty years ago. Also, they both involve driving in California. So if you love poetry and you love driving in California, wow are you in for a treat.

Genetic Isopoint, Gentleman Broncos, and Thou

I've been digging the resurrection of Ships of Hagoth and I'm delighted to finally write something for them. The title, I think, covers it. If you love genetics, weird movies, and/or yourself, swing by.

How to Read Grace Like Water

Just remembered I have already promoted this one. Good for me.

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