How to read Theric in 8 short paragraphs


One thing I am notoriously bad at is self-promotion. One of my hopes for Thubstack is that the sense of immediacy it implies will encourage me to announce new work. So that's what I'm doing now.

Some months ago, I was sent a gratis copy of Merrijane Rice's new book, Grace Like Water. I found I had something to say about it, so I wrote a review and tried to decide where to send it.

Whale Road Review are a friendly bunch and I actually use a poem I found there frequently in AP Lit. (I've also submitted poems a goodly number of times, but no dice quite yet.) I published a review there four years ago and thought it might be a good place for this one as well. (Which may well make WRR a top-five publisher of Mormon poetry reviews, I just realized.) (It's not hard to break into the top five, tbh.)

Anyway! I sent the review in and now it's up: "How to Read Grace Like Water."

As I was adding it to thbiblio, I noticed this is my third publication with a title beginning "How to." The other two are "How to Get Over It" (originally written for Byuck but first appearing in The Fob Bible) and which, in the Dialogue review, was given a nice comparison to Shouts & Murmurs, which puts me in the only company I've ever craved.

The other is "How to Become a Mormon-Comics Snob in Five Easy Steps," the introduction to Sunstone's comics issue, which I edited.

Come to think of it, all three of these show another of my often-dos: lists. I love breaking things into pieces. And I often number those pieces and lay them back out.

Anyway. I wrote a review. And someone else said it so I don't have to:

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