A Dubious 2022 Plan


Last year, in frustration, I declared I would only read books I already own. I don't think I did well, but let's check the math, shall we?

Of the 131 books I read last year (this includes books read more than once):

42 were books I owned prior to January 1, 2020

60 were library books

6 were books I picked up for free
     including 3 from an author or publisher
     and 1 as a gift

3 were borrowed from my mom

4 were read online

and 12 I purchased in 2021

Which seems to add up to 127, so I screwed up somewhere. But these numbers are good enough to prove I failed at my goal.

Perhaps even more telling is this information accessible from the library's website right now, the books I have checked out:

I'm not equally serious about reading all of these (not to mention the three books I have out on interlibrary loan or the fifteen books currently on hold). For instance, I really want to read Ishmael Reed—but none of the books at my local library were top of my list. And I'm about a third through the religious book (heard about here); if I owned it, I would eventually finish it, but I don't and I got the gist so it'll probably go back before I'm done.

The thing is, I just really want to read the books we own. So I'm going to try and at least read MORE of my own books than I do library books  in 2022. Should be manageable, right? I mean, I just used giftcards to get these three on Barnes & Noble's 50%-off-hardbacks sale and I'm excited to get past the second page:

Wish my self-control luck!

Derned temptatious libraries.....

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