It's Wednesday. And you know what that means: a call to duty.


When I need
everyone to take their
dang time (not
now), I'll ask
everyone to notnotnot
stop what they're
doing but just keep up their
asinine activities. But now?
Yes. Stop what you're doing.


  1. I thought it meant that it's new comics day.

  2. .

    Right. So stop what you're doing and readreadread.

    How do you feel about all these reboots? (If ever there were a time for a Fob Comics post......)

  3. I'm curious to read the rebooted titles--some more than others--but reserving judgment until I see what's out there. I was happy that they kept Wonder Woman's new pants status-quo, but sad when I saw that they went back to the short-shorts. The main thing I'm excited for is same-day digital. I'm a fan of digital comics.

  4. .

    What do you read them on?

  5. My laptop. I kind of want to get an iPad but so far haven't been able t justify the cost. Also, my 17" screen comes closer to actual comic book size then an iPad would, and as much as I love digital comics I'm not a fan of the panel-by-panel view. I feel like the artist put thought into the page layout and if I view just one panel at a time I'm missing out on part of the experience.

  6. .

    That's one thing I've been thinking about iPad as well. I'm fine with comics being designed for the iPad, but reading works meant for a page gets wrong. Can you imagine Jimmy Corrigan mashed onto an iPad?