A Return to Svithing


So since taking my more relaxed view of svithing, my amount of svithing has dropped more than I expected.



For those who don't know or recall, svithing is an idea I hit upon back in 2006 when Lady Steed and I first started paying for internet. This is from the post when I first explained the concept:

I love me a good portmanteau. Such is the word svithe: a blending of seven and tithe. And if a tithe is the tenth given to God, then a svithe is the seventh given to God.

I did not make up this idea; I took it from the Sabbath--the one day in seven dedicated to God. The properly observed Sabbath would be a svithe.

In other news, I have an addictive personality. I don't say this to warn you against meeting me in person lest you lose control of yourself and lock me in your backwoods cabin in order to enjoy scintillating conversation the rest of your life. No, what I mean is that I tend towards addiction. (As if I didn't have enough reasons already not to try heroin just one time.) I will often spend too much time doing my current fancy at the expense of more important things.

I maybe might just maybe be addicted to blogging.

Part of my redemption is this svithing. Every Sunday I write a post that is intended to be godly. The idea being that I may do some good somehow someday for someone. Certainly the svithes a have better chance than posts about poop.

Sometimes I will not have much to say, but whenever I can be online on a Sunday, I will svithe.


While I still feel that forcing myself to write a svithe every week even when crappy isn't necessary --- especially now that I'm not blogging every week --- I am going to be more regular.

One reason svithing got difficult that I never mentioned was that I was writing svithe-like emails to my elders quorum on a near-weekly basis for over two years. And I didn't want to be redundant, but coming up with two religious "treatises" a week weren't easy.

But now those are fallow and forgotten and those that will work for a more general audience, I think I will recycle. Plus, I can start posting Classic Svithes again. Really, I can start svithing again without ever writing an original word. Ever.

But next week we'll start with something fresh and new and we'll go from there.

Will I post every week? I don't guarantee it. I'm too forgetful. But I am going to start svithing more regularly.


How else will I know what's important, if I don't write and figure it out?

Svithe you next week.

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