Found: Quotes


On an old burnt cd (c. the founding of this blog), I found these gems:

"The Bay Guardian are conspiracy freaks who'd say bad things about us no matter what. If SF Weekly discovered the cure for cancer, the San Francisco Bay Guardian would bemoan our assault on the cherished liberal ideal of mortality."
----SF Weekly editor John Mecklin

"Art is that over which beings with perfect knowledge can still have divergent viewpoints."
----D. Michael Martindale

"These are biblical times. The turning of the second millennium has brought war, rumors of war and all sorts of new-Jehovian highjinks.'
----Joe Klein

"I don't think it's a question of morality. I think it's a question of politics."
----Richard Clark

"I have always believed in god, but never knew it was me until recently."
----Chris Roller (meaning he has discovered that he is god)

"There's a huge, almost unanimous view that this is a fundamental problem, to unite these two things. My belief is that it very well may be that God didn't intend that."
----physicist Freeman Dyson of the Institute for Advanced Study Ñ Princeton, N.J., on the theory of everything

"We've learned over the years that if we wanted we could write anything that just felt good or sounded good and it didn't necessarily have to have any particular meaning to us. As odd as it seemed to us, reviewers would take it upon themselves to interject their own meanings on our lyrics. Sometimes we sit and read other people's interpretations of our lyrics and think, 'Hey, that's pretty good.' If we liked it, we would keep our mouths shut and just accept the credit as if it was what we meant all along."
----John Lennon


  1. I especially like the John Lennon quote.

  2. .

    I think that's the role of the artist.

  3. Funny thing: we recently watched Hard Day's Night on VHS courtesy of the Provo Library, and there was a "making of" sort of thing after the end credits. They interviewed a whole bunch of people who had been involved in the production, and one of them (the director, I think) said that he just had four or five camera men running around filming everything from multiple angles and then he threw it all together. Some time after the film was released, he did a workshop for film students at Brown University (or some such) and he ~"sat and listened to them tell me why I had chosen individual angles and shots when, really, I had just done the best I could with what I had to work with"~ (rough quote).

    Happens a lot, I'd bet.

  4. Oh. And I like the SF quote. (Though, honestly, I mostly just wanted to subscribe to future comments.)

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    I think it's important for artists to stay out of the academic (and usually the critical) discussion of their work. Let the work speak for itself.

    Of course, in an always-on world, that's getting harder to pull off.