The Lysol Story


Large S has had the mad vomits today and so I lamented that we didn't have any Lysol to, you know, kills germs the easy way with.

Lady Steed said we did so have Lysol.

Ha ha, I said, mocking her unwarranted certainty.

She told me where, but I didn't bother to look until I was passing by anyway. Sure enough, three new bottles bundled in plastic. So I meaculpaed and started to open them when Lady Steed told me to STOP! We have some already opened!

Ha ha, I said. This is too much.

I have not seen any Lysol in our house in years. In large measure because Lady Steed accused me of buying it to frequently so I stopped using it entirely to . . . makes some sort of point.

But I stopped opening out of respect for marital harmony and Lady Steed disappeared to somewhere (the garage) and returned with two more apparently full Lysol bottles.

So I sprayed down the bathroom.

And, you know what? Maybe I did used to buy too much Lysol.


  1. But surely that's only the tip of a more riveting tale.

    To what end did you formerly purchase so much Lysol? What drove that mad obsession? Do you have a thing for pine? Were you covering up a heinous crime scene?

    Certainly more questions are raised than answered here.

  2. .

    It's actually all Clean Linen scent (?). Almost 100oz of it.

    That's all I have to say about that.

  3. .


    CRISP Linen

  4. I'm with _Phile. Have you talked to a psychotherapist about your Lysol fixation? This must have some Greater Meaning.