A surreal dream (because everyone enjoys reading about other people's dreams)


Since the parenthetical of this post is obviously a lie, let me introduce this post by saying it's not the dream that's important, but one wonderfully surreal moment therein. Normally, dreams --- or at least my dreams --- are fairly realistic. The surreality is in how events are structured together etc but not the actual images themselves. This dream I had last night (when I had the dream, I'm posting this over a week later), though? It had a truly surreal image.

Now, the dream was the sort I would want to talk about anyway, what with how it ended with me being a drugged-out zombie making bombs so this army of plant-wearing middle-aged men could kill everyone (which drugged-outedness made it VERY difficult for me to get up the next morning), but the image that's actually worth recording happened earlier.


The Actor and I met the actor who would be playing Doctor Doom in a new Marvel movie. The actor was in costume and dancing around in a silly way. The costume had googly eyes and really wasn't very scary at all, what with the prancing and so forth. But somehow I figured out, even with the cloak and body armor, that the actor was Anne Hathaway. (She was disappointed I was able to guess.)

Anyway, that wasn't the surreal image I'm interested in. A bit more setup, then the image:

We're in this small prisonlike space. Anne and the Actor both have stepped out for a while. He comes back first with a bowl of cantaloupe cut into very very very small pieces. Why? Because the cantaloupe is a Love and Other Drugs cantaloupe and he cut it up small to hide all of Anne's nudity. He doesn't want her to recognize the cantaloupe and be embarrassed because we can see her naked as we eat it.

Now that I'm awake, I don't know how a cantaloupe and a movie can be the same thing.

The sad part is, I don't even like cantaloupe.....

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  1. I have never liked cantaloupe either,and now I know that it's simply because I'm not attracted to Anne Hathaway and have no desire to see her naked.