I should never prepare for anything.


In a novel attempt to be responsible, I've been taking GRE practice tests. With each attempt, my verbal score drops 20 points. At this rate, when I take the test tomorrow, my verbal should below my quantitative.

What universe are we living in?


  1. Good luck! And with the verbal practice tests isn't a lot of it the luck of the draw?*

    *Big caveat: I took the GRE back when there was an analytical section so my experience with it is more than a decade old. And then I applied to a program that didn't even require it.

  2. My score on the verbal section when I actually took the GRE was nearly 100 points higher than what the practice tests led me to expect.
    So be of good cheer.

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    Thanks, gents. I'll do some stretching on the BART and should be good.


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    Fine, I guess. I got a 650 on the verbal which is well above the 90th percentile, but I wanted a 700, so if choose to be satisfied that will be proof that I have enmity for my fellow man.

    And a 630Q which is only just over the 50th p, but that one I am perfectly happy with. Proof that I do not have enmity for my fellow man.

    Unless I'm just happy because at least I'm dumber than fewer than half the other people.

    Frankly, I'm shocked that my scores, percentilewise, were as high as they were. People taking the GRE --- how can they do so poorly?

  5. Congratulations. The scores aren't compatible because of changes to the test, but I got:

    580 on the math (which put in me 48th percentile or something, but in the 80s or 90s for humanities majors)

    680 on the verbal? I can't remember. I remember being disappointed. It was somewhere around 89-92nd percentile.

    And then I'm not sure the overall score, but I got 99th percentile on the analytical sessions, which led to 20 seconds of me wondering if I should go to law school (I got over that notion real quick).

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    I haven't gotten my analytical numbers yet, but, to be frank, I'll be disappointed with anything less than perfect.

  7. Have you narrowed down schools you want to apply for? Are you teaching this year and then hoping to do grad school next?

  8. Hey, maybe you could go to NYU and take all my bro.'s classes. =)

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    Tempting. In fact, NYU was on my shortlist, but it was a different program anyway. He did hook me up with a contact to talk with though.

  10. That's cool. I'm glad you guys have been in contact. Hope you get to do what you want!