California Republicans are Stupid.
(also, delicious food)


So I, like plenty of Californians, am itching to get Barbara Boxer out of the Senate. And with anti-incumbency at high highs, this seems like the year for it. But then, in the primary, Republicans rejected probably their best Senate option in a long time in favor of someone who just might be crazy. Nice work, California Republicans. Brilliant move.

When Lady Steed and I were at Chez Panisse the other week, the table next to us upon whom we eavesdropped, was a group of people who reacted with audible gasps when they learned that one of their own's son had married a Republican. And, even more shocking, she seemed to be a descent person. Even though she was a Republican (and not an adventurous eater --- the other thing that her mother-in-law generally cannot forgive in a person), somehow she seemed to be a good person. Hard to believe, I know, but her mother-in-law herself admitted it to be true. Imagine!

Rich white liberals, I tell you. Sequestering themselves away from people unlike them. Not what the word liberal is really supposed to mean, imho.

The company may have been amusing, but the food was remarkable. Our big writeup is now up on Lady Steed's blog. At least skim it. We spent a fortune on this food. You might as well read about it.


  1. Just curious, who would you have preferred the republicans choose instead of Fiorina?

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    I've liked Tom Campbell since he lost to Schwarzenegger.

    Honestly, though, I overstated my dislike for Fiorina. She is aligning herself with some crazies, but I suspect she might be more moderate than she lets on. Still, the Republicans would have had a better shot at acquiring the necessary moderate vote with Campbell.

  3. Heh. In other news, BYU continues to be BYU. It isn't just your "rich white liberals" who sequester themselves.

    Kinda reminds me of a PEC I sat through in Eagle, Idaho, in which the rich white Mormons debated whether or not they should allow their kids to hang out with their rich white Protestant neighbors. We all try so hard to be special. Thankfully, I'm one of the specialest people I know, so I don't mind that folks of lesser specialness don't wanna hang with me.

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    As per my current top post, I now know as much.