Twenty Minutes Till Ten Years


The twenty minutes is how long I have till summer school's over for the day. Following that moment (and the requisite drive home), we will move into full Tenth Anniversary Mode.

Lady Steed and I were married ten years ago today in the Oakland Temple. Photos of us then reveal a couple of very very young people. Deleriously young.

Today we are ten. So we're going to pop two hundred dollars on dinner and four hundred dollars on a chair so I guess we're finally grownups.

Or would be, if we could afford such extravagance.

But after this night thrusts us into bankrupcy, we will still have each other.

And we'll do just fine.

I love you, Lady Steed.


  1. Happy anniversary!!!

  2. I've always wanted to eat there. Live it up! Still so happy you two got together. Seems like yesterday. Congrats!

  3. .

    Thanks, all.

    [Edit: Added link to LS's anniversary post.]

  4. Congratulations!!!

    (Re public transportation: If you can get some reading in on the train, you've made up for the cost. If you have an e-reader you can load your MSs on and be able to take notes on the reader itself, even better. IMO, as always.)

  5. Congratulations! How was Chez Panisse?

  6. .

    After saving money for three years, I think the best compliment I can give is that Chez Panisse was in no way disappointing.

  7. I love you too!

    I will always remember our tenth anniversary as the one where we spent lots of money and ate amazing food.