Yesterday Lady Steed and I were able to go to the temple, which is not something we get to do that often these days, what with small children who aren't allowed inside. Although that's actually one of the draws. But our ward provided babysitting and off we went.

That was good, though I think (at least for me) temple attendance increases in meaningfulness with frequency of worship. But it still made for a great start to the day. (After that we and the kids fed ducks so, you know, best day ever?)

Today was Fast Sunday. Only the Big O and I were at church as son-number-two had thrown up in the night. Perhaps that lack of baby-wrangling explains the glory of that meeting. I have not felt as moved spiritually by a sacrament meeting in a long time. Testimonies shared --- including a few related to the previous day's temple trip --- slipped right into my heard, and I felt like I was bleeding love. Actually, that sounds like a bad thing. It wasn't. It was a good thing.

In the second hour we talked about Ahab and Jezebel and Elijah --- the most epic portion of the Old Testament (sadly reduced to but one week). Miguel Sanchez taught and our discussion of the widow and her son moved me in ways it never had before. Perhaps because I was thinking of other young women I know who've lost their husband and then things get worse. Or perhaps because Miguel observed that she was probably a Phoenician --- the enemy.

Then, third hour, I taught. I talked mostly about Sam Brannon (I relied primarily on these two sources: Bagley, Campbell). For a few reasons.

1) San Francisco has a rich Mormon heritage. For a while, the town was mostly Mormons. It's good for us to know that.

2) Sam Brannon had a fascinating life.

3) He's dead, so we can feel free to try and learn lessons from him without offending him.

The discussion went all right, but ultimately, I feel like maybe ending the day on an apostate wasn't the best cherry for the sweet spiritual Sunday that had been August 1.

Ah well.

Next time I'll have an alternate lesson prepared on William Prows. Just in case.

for the previous svithe, also related to pioneer day


  1. I have to agree - it was a pretty darn awesome weekend, church-wise. The older I get, the more I realize how knowing and caring about my fellow ward members makes testimony meeting, and really all shared religious experiences, deeper and more meaningful.