"Young Hagoth Plays It Safe"


Now that anonymity is no longer required, check out my short story.

Now that it's had a week to sit, I'm much less happy with the opening than I was. But overall I am happy with it and I'm brainstorming the possibilities of turning it into a YA novel series. Not that I don't have a million other projects running already, of course.


  1. Aww, well I didn't get around to reading your story (or any of the stories), but I did catch the Hitchhiker's reference--does that count?

  2. Do it. I would be very intrigued to see you expand on this.

  3. I posted a response to your new comment under my story. Great job in the contest. Fourth is nothing to laugh at. You came in higher than me.

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    Oh, I'm not laughing. If it wasn't for that Westian juggernaut I may have had a read shot.

  5. I knew that one was yours (but voted for it anyway). Actually, I think we all knew.

    I think I'm the only one who voted for mine.

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    Which one was yours anyway.

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    The plan I posted over there, for easier finding by myself.

    1 Young Hagoth Plays It Safe (basically the same months this story takes place over but expanded to novel size)

    2 Young Hagoth Builds a Better Breastplate (Hagoth does what his father wants, but slowly starts meeting with Lehonti and retired adventurers etc at the same time; probably ends in disaster when his father finds out)

    3 untitled . . . . . . (Actually, at this point I'm not sure. If I were actually querying I would figure out exactly how and when he moves to the sea etc. Probably a volume to get to the sea [in Morianton when the war breaks out there?], a volume to leave and then . . . should I take him on adventures? Maybe three volumes would be best for this imagined query.)

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    Done some more thinking. Since young Hagoth DOES build a better breastplate, the series will turn to war. And I can deglamorize it all I want. Plus, boats will be needed and he will be hired to militarize them. That'll be his in.

    Structuring each book around a different theme'll be fun.

    1 - failure
    2 - success
    3 - romance
    4 - adventure
    5 - journey