Little Lord Steed is growing up.


Yesterday he really grasped how to eat as he wolfed down the Irish stew Lady Steed made for St Paddy's. He loved the potatoes and carrots and mutton.

And today, as I left for work, he crawled as fast as he could in his jagged halting way to the front door, crying, aware that his father was leaving him. He's never caught on to that before --- what my walking to the door in the morning means. Adding his painful separation to my morning routine will lead to mutual daily heartbreak. And I just don't feel up to that. It's too hard.


  1. OH poor baby! You not the little guy, he will figure out this is just one more way to make you feel bad and give in to his wants. Sadly our little ones grow up, kind of miss those days you are living in now. All my little ones now have medium and large ones of their own. But brighter times are here, I now have a great-grand little one to dote on. Hope your three give you many more days to ponder how you will cope with their new discovery's in life. God bless and keep you and your Family.

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    This is a hard stage in the mornings. I remember it with the two other boys.

    I suppose next time, I'll be the one crying as they leave home.

  3. The obvious solution is to quit your job.

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    I like the sound of that.