The sky as I walked home today


was a mess. I walked out to brilliant sunshine, but the air was filled with streaking rain which, though highly visible even without my glasses on was not so much that I needed to close my book.

Half the sky was a brilliant blue with wildly friendly white puffs. The other half was a menacing nearblack, its tendrils reaching and pulling away.

Half a rainbow connected the two halves.

The light cast every vista into absurd colors, as if I were in Photoshop fiddling with saturation.

The houses brilliant in the sunshine, with the black clouds and half-rainbow behind them.

The high school football field rundown yet shining in saturated glory.

Made it hard to read and walk at the same time.

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  1. BerkeleySatsuki3/09/2010 12:13 AM

    E and I experienced the splendid scene this afternoon while walking home from the park (when it started raining). E shrieked in delight when she saw the rainbow and asked me to "walk closer to it, Mommy!"