Rejects: The Subject Steve


I picked this book up for a dollar in 2006 and I've been trying to finish its 256 pages ever since. I have given up and it is now the first in a new series I am beginning called, Rejected Books (click the tag at the bottom of this article to see all Rejected Books posts).

Lady Steed and I have thousands of books. And we've reached a point where we're ready to get rid of some of them. This shall be one of them.

So. The Subject Steve. Where to start? It's supposed to be clever, first of all. Kind of a Vonnegut sort of satire. Only, you know, it totally sucks. I hate saying this where Sam Lipsyte might hear me, but there was really nothing in this book that asked me to care.

No one in the book is likable, least of all the eponymous Steve who is dying of, well, being mortal, I suppose. And his "hijinks" at the end of mortality of dying of nothing and his daughter and his friend and his ex and the sex and the booze and the doctors and the endless string of stupidity.

I just couldn't take it any more.

I decided a couple weeks ago I was going to quit trying. Hadn't touched it in months (probably only twice in the last three years) so who was I kidding anyway? Thus, Lady Steed took it off the shelf tonight where Little Lord Steed yanked out the bookmark and started sucking on it. And that was that.

No more The Subject Steve.

Anybody want my copy?


  1. Because I'm such a slow reader and demands on my reading time are so high right now, I'm learning that sometimes it's okay not to finish a book. I sometimes feel guilty about not finishing, but then I pick up another book and move on because, hey, it's not the end of the world if I don't finish every book I pick up and if I re-read others every now and then.

  2. .

    I'm trying to move in that direction as well.