Introducing Zed


He looks a lot like his American counterpart but this visitor from exotic lands ends his alphabet with a consonant severity lacking here, where we just drift off into an eeeeeee e e e e . . . . . uncertain where to stop.

Zed has an uphill battle on American soil, but his new reality show on Fox shows that he is serious about cutting into Zee's hometurf marketshare.

Share your thoughts on Z v Z! Who do you support in the coming rumble!


  1. Zee. It's interesting those wacky Europeans don't say Bed or Ded - after all, (B/P) & (D/T) have to overcome the same aliasing problems as (C/Z).

    Russians deal with this problem more elegantly: they have Zeh and Ess instead of Cee and Zee.

  2. Zee all the way, baby!

    If we switched to zed how else would we be able to detect the sneaky infiltrating Canadians among us?

  3. .

    I'm pro-immigration, but Zee all the way.