16th Five Books of 2009


don't miss evidence of the riproaring feb party


When I posted the fifteenth five last week, I figured that would be the last five for a while. But then I dipped into some comics I had been leant. They were massive volumes which was why I took so long to pick them up in the first place, but I'm glad I did.

Runaways 2.27

Although the series offers plenty of examples of the problems inherent in serialized fiction, it also offers a lot of fun per dollar.

But that's not all I've finished since a couple weeks ago. Let's get started.

080) Runaways Vol. 3: The Good Die Young by Brian K Vaughan et al, finished August 15
    This book exacerbates all the faults with the series that I had been able to overlook at the beginning, but it also digs deeper into the series's strengths. In all, I would definitely pick up a fourth and fifth volumes (the double cliffhanger surely helps).

    four days

079) Runaways, Vol. 2 by Brian K Vaughan et al, finished August 13
    Not as good as the first one, though Molly's too-young dialogue is perhaps less of a problem. A nice series. Good superhero variant.

    five days

078) The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom, finished August 10
    Look at me! Only six seven years behind the zeitgeist!

    Anyway, good book. Surprised it made the BBC's 100 Books list, but it was short and reasonably insightful and worth reading.

    about four months

077) Runaways, Vol. 1 by Brian K Vaughan et al, finished August 10
    I can't remember what all I was going to say now (baby was born between finishing the book and writing this), but I liked it a lot and it was fun and I could make good comparisons to Manhunter and Blue Beetle, which I also liked. I'm glad Jane Dough forced the first three volumes on me.

    one long night

076) Essex County Volume 1: Tales From The Farm (Essex County) by Jeff Lemire, finished August 8
    Oh, it's everything everyone has said. Powerfully moving, with melting-ink art. I just knew I would regret not buying the 4-in-1 volume at Comic Con and having Lemire sign it and sketch in it. Alas, alas.

    The tale of young Lester, recently orphaned, and his small community where all know all and always have.

    Beautiful work.

    Essex County 1 by Jeff Lemire, near the end

    (More at Fobcomics.)

    half an hour or less


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