The End of Life as We Knew It


School starts Tuesday after my second job starts Monday. I hope to keep up with my novel-writing, as well as reading and commenting upon my fellow Fobs' works-in-progress. Plus we have three kids to love and spend time with (mostly this means baseball)). Et cetera.

I've never worked a sixty-hour week before. How in the world am I going to read all those AP papers?

Also: I need to remember to eat. And sleep. At least four hours a night. At least.

I might be more comfortable if this weeks-old cough would go away.

At least I'll always have the Sabbath.....


  1. Definitely remember to eat. And sleep. Those are key. Sadly, though sometimes my brain thinks otherwise, internet activity is not essential for sustaining life.

  2. .

    Yeah, I have a funny feeling I may actually --- no joking this time! --- be kissing the internet goodbye.

  3. Can't you get the kids addicted to the internet instead of baseball and then meet all the needs in one efficient and fell swoop?

  4. .

    That's a good idea.

    I'll get a third job for the extra machines.....