The Stranger She Married by Donna Hatch


Today and tomorrow I am going to talk about two books that couldn't be more different yet share so many things in common it's rather difficult to recall their utter and ultimate differences. One thing they share is covers I find just awful.Although again: awful in completely different ways and for completely different reasons. I won't comment on the covers any more than that.

Donna Hatch: The Stranger She Married

I was vaguely aware of this book's existence but I would not be blogging about it now had I not won a copy.

Then Donna emailed me and asked if, as I am a "guy", I wouldn't rather have $10 to Borders. I told her if she sent it I would read it, the direceted her to Thutopia to check out my book reviews. She decided (perhaps because of all the Batman I had just read?) to send me the ten bucks. Which I am grateful for and will soon spend.

But in a way, I'm wondering if I made the right decision. Before coming in contact with Donna I had no idea what a "Regency Romance" was and, theoretically, I want to give every genre a shot.

While I may have lost my chance at Regency Romance, I have still learned interesting things from Donna like what the heck is 'Regency' anyway and who the heck were the Bow Street Runners and why ahistorical writers are the devil. She's a woman who does her research and that makes for some interesting stuff, whether you read her fiction or not.

Donna's book is published though Wild Rose Press and, best I can tell, WRP's business model is ebooks first. This may well be the future, but few publishers push the e as hard as WRP, giving away free Sony ereaders and giving the ecopy much more attention on the for-sale pages as the hardcopies.

I've discussed this issue some with a friend of mine (the author of tomorrow's book, incidentally) and if it wasn't for the $300 investment, I'm ready for some electronic ink to wet my pocket.

In the meantime, here's The Stranger She Married's booktrailer:


  1. I haven't heard of this genre, "Regency Romance". From the trailer, it seems to be a little more like something my wife would enjoy reading. I tend to shy away from any story that delves into physical intimacy any further than a simple kiss or embrace. Seriously, if there is more attention given to such an encounter than just a sentence or two, I'm looking to skip forward - it doesn't interest me.

    I am wondering, though, if this would be a good book to get my wife.

  2. .

    Could be.

    But you had better avoid tomorrow's post.....

  3. Regency Romance has been around for ages. It lost favor about ten years but has come back. It is under the Historical Romance umbrella.

    The Wild Rose Press does sell print books at the same time as e-books. But all their titles are Romance...(You don't need a e-book reader to read an e-book.) Their books are available through Ingram and Baker & Taylo, many online sources and bookstores most as special order some locals shop shelf the titles. (I work in a Indie Bookstore.) It's a smaller press but publishes a wide variety of Romantic genres.

  4. This could open up a whole new venue for you! Ha!
    I have to give you credit, my husband won't read my book.
    But today's romance books are so different then before. Romance writers put a lot of effort into research these days.
    By the way, your wife would probably love it.

  5. .

    Donna emailed me a pdf --- if I had a decent e-ink ereader I would put it on and start reading it. Or I would give it to my wife. One or both. But I'm not good at reading long things on computer screens so it'll probably have to wait till I join the future.....